COPS/Metro - Designer and Supporter of San Antonio Ready to Work -- Keeps the Heat on City to Make Program Work for the People

“For the most part, we talked about creating opportunities for people who were unemployed or underemployed to have an opportunity to be part of a new career or to be able to upgrade in an existing career,” [COPS/Metro leader Sonia] Rodriguez said.

Apprenticeships — in which workers receive paid, on-the-job training — were always on the table, she said. But subsidizing large companies such as construction equipment supplier Holt Cat, auto parts maker Toyotetsu Texas Inc., Toyota supplier Avanzar Interior Products and aircraft maintenance and repair business StandardAero to train existing workers? Not so much. All four companies are receiving training grants from Ready to Work.

“Subsidies to big employers, this has never sat very well with COPS/Metro,” Rodriguez said.

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