• As Ready to Work is Set to Graduate Hundreds, COPS/Metro Presses for Hiring


    COPS/Metro Alliance, the longtime coalition that advocates for working families and is in many ways responsible for the program’s existence, continues to raise concerns.

  • In Wake of Legislature's Failure on Gun Safety, COPS/Metro Organizes for Local Reform


    "Our state legislators cannot muster the courage to act on the will of the people. Why? They fear the vocal minorities who have made gun possession an idol worthy of greater reverence than the lives of our fellow citizens. This is an abomination before God.

    Frustrated by the cowardice and inaction of the state legislators, San Antonio congregations are now working to reduce gun violence. Under the banner of COPS/Metro Alliance, 175 church leaders united to ask city of San Antonio and Bexar County leadership to create a public education campaign emphasizing gun owners’ responsibility to store their firearms safely and to provide safe handgun storage boxes for vehicles.

    It’s past time for lawmakers to come to their senses and listen to the residents they represent."

    [Photo Credit: Pictures Left: Rev. Rob Mueller. Sam Owens, San Antonio Express News]

    Texas Lawmakers Fail the Courage Test on GunsSan Antonio Express News


  • Texas IAF: Allow Gun 'Raise the Age' Bill to Be Heard on House Floor

    Less than a day after a bill that would raise the age to legally purchase semi-automatic rifles unexpectedly passed through Committee, Texas IAF leaders learned that Representative Guillen (from Rio Grande City) appeared to be actively suppressing House Bill 2744 from being heard on the floor.  Delayed submission of the Committee report resulted in the bill missing a crucial deadline for it to put on the Calendars schedule for Thursday -- the last day to hear new bills. 

    Leaders from across the state held an emergency press conference calling on Guillen and the Texas House Speaker to allow the bill to be heard, and for Calendars.    

    “Guillen and Burrows should...let the representatives vote their conscience on the House floor. Overwhelmingly, Texans support increasing the age limit of when people can buy assault weapons,” Rev. Minerva Camarena-Skeith from Central Texas Interfaith asserted. 

    “We’re very, very angry at what’s going on, with them holding this bill hostage,” Valley Interfaith leader Rosalie Tristan of Raymondville told the Rio Grande Guardian

    "How many more children have to die before we act?" demanded TMO leader Bishop John Ogletree. 

    [Photo Credit: Blaine Young, Texas Tribune]

    'Raise-the-Age' Gun Bill Misses Crucial Deadline, Texas Tribune [pdf]

    Valley Interfaith: Guillen is 'Actively Suppressing' Assault Rifle Age Bill from Reaching House FloorRio Grande Guardian [pdf]

    Raise the Age Gun Bill in Peril as Texas House Deadline LoomsKXAN [pdf]

    Lubbock and Valley Legislators Block Assault Rifle Age Limit Bill, HB 2744, from Reaching the Floor of Texas HouseTexas IAF [pdf]

  • COPS/Metro Leaders Press Candidates of District 3 and 5 for Commitments to Improve Quality of Life of Constituents

    On May 2nd, COPS/Metro held an accountability session with candidates form district 3 and 5 along with 120 attendees. During the session, COPS/Metro sought commitments from the candidates to meet with leaders two weeks following the election to address issues surrounding quality of life for the residents of District 3. Specifically, leaders are seeking resolutions to drug houses, speed bumps to deter street racing, abandoned houses, and the failure of contractors to notify residents in advance of work.

    For District 5, COPS/Metro sought commitment to include the Cassiano apartments in the first phase of the housing bond passed last year.

    All candidates were asked to support a gun box initiative that would educate the public about locking up guns and not leaving them in unattended vehicles.

  • COPS/Metro Leaders Press City Leadership on SA Ready to Work and Gun Safety

    On April 30th, COPS/Metro convened 200 leaders to press Mayor Ron Nirenberg and City Manager Erik Walsh on improving accountability for San Antonio's Ready to Work program by putting jobs on the table, improving the recruitment of quality participants, and holding contractors accountable who receive money for training. (i.e. trained workers are placed in high paying jobs.)

    Additionally, leaders pressed Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar and San Antonio Police Chief William McManus on funding for a gun box lock initiative in both the city and county that educate the public about locking up guns and not leaving them in unattended vehicles.

    ‘Jobs Committed Up Front’: COPS/Metro Presses Mayor for Greater Ready to Work AccountabilitySan Antonio Express News [pdf]
    COPS/Metro Alliance Meeting

  • Building on Momentum of RTS Convocation, COPS/Metro Prepares 200+ Leaders from 41 Parishes

    On Saturday April 15th, over 200 people from 41 institutions and 6 deaneries participated in 'Recognizing the Stranger' parish leadership training in collaboration with the Archdiocese of San Antonio.  The session was conducted in English and in Spanish, and included 15 clergy and two bishops.  Spanish=speaking leaders expressed a strong desire to organize their parishes.

    A major theme developed over the course of the sessions was that the Church is not a parking lot and that Mission is key element of the one's faith.  Archbishop Gustavo García-Siller told participants that the Church needs their leadership because clergy cannot do what lay leaders can.

  • Texas IAF Rally Takes On "Vampire" Chapter 313 Legislation


    A surprising legislative success in 2021 is on track to be undone in 2023, unless a grass roots left-right coalition can block legislation and the forces behind it that are trying to go backward....

    In the name of jobs and economic development, a 2012 tax code trick called Chapter 313 essentially funneled state money, via school district property tax breaks, to private companies doing new industrial construction. The school districts that granted tax breaks under Chapter 313 were reimbursed — and many still are being reimbursed — by the state, meaning we as taxpayers reimbursed them. It was the ultimate insider game of channeling public benefit to private companies.

    In San Antonio, Mike Phillips is a COPS/Metro leader, a member of the Texas IAF. His organization and others rallied in Austin on March 21 to call attention to the inequities that school district tax breaks cause statewide.

    “This is money that could instead be going to public schools. We are working this session with legislators from both parties and a range of allies to oppose taxpayer-funded corporate giveaway programs that involve school finance and school district decision-making,” Phillips said.

  • COPS/Metro Confronts Harlandale and South San Antonio School Boards Over Sudden School Closures


    "Harlandale trustees have voted to close Columbia Heights, Rayburn, Morrill and Carroll Bell elementary schools at the end of the school year....

    Juan Cristan came with a large group of COPS/Metro community organizers who felt the announcement of the proposal to close schools came too close to spring break, making it more difficult for families to learn about the proposal and participate in town halls. He was also one of several speakers that asked the district to come up with a plan to better compete with charter schools.

    “What are we going to do to stop the hemorrhaging?” Cristan asked. “What are we going to do to [stop having] the students go to KIPP, to IDEA, to Royal?”

    [Photo Credit: Camille Phillips, Texas Public Radio]

    Harlandale ISD Trustees Vote to Close Four Elementary SchoolsTexas Public Radio [pdf]
    Budget Crunch Pushes Harlandale ISD Board to Order School ClosuresSan Antonio Express News [pdf]
    South San Antonio ISD Moves to Close Three Schools in Bid to Avert Financial CrisisSan Antonio Report [pdf]


  • Texas IAF Orgs Denounce "Vampire" Legislation That Would Suck the Life from Texas Schools


    The Network of Texas IAF Organizations, a labor and faith coalition that has staunchly opposed using school property tax breaks for incentives... railed against the Texas Jobs and Security Act.

    "It looks like it was written on the back of a napkin,"

    stated Jose Guerrero, a leader with Central Texas Interfaith from Saint Ignatius Catholic Church.

    The organization believes the proposed bill would have even less regulation than Chapter 313, including the exclusion of minimum job requirements as a key factor in a project's eligibility for approval. "It is hard to imagine that they would propose a program with even less accountability, fewer specifics (like no job requirements), and more leeway for companies to take taxpayer dollars from school children to line their pockets," Guerrero stated.

  • 'Recognizing the Stranger' Conference Commemorates 5-Year Organizing Strategy

    Over 300 leaders, clergy, religious, and bishops from 20 organizations gathered last week in San Antonio to celebrate five years of Recognizing the Stranger, a West/Southwest IAF training, leadership formation, and parish organizing strategy. 

    The Convocation was highlighted by a video message from Pope Francis, who offered his “closeness and support” to the IAF network and its work to organize with immigrants and with those at the margins to encourage “participation of the Christian in public life.”