SA Ready to Work is 'Too Big to Fail'


As San Antonio’s job training program lags and officials try to suss out the details of its next phase, a key backer worries the initiative is in trouble.

COPS/Metro, a grassroots advocacy group, aggressively lobbied city leaders to create an emergency program to help some of the thousands of people thrown out of work amid the pandemic get the skills they needed to land higher-paying jobs.

The group’s leaders later threw their weight behind Mayor Ron Nirenberg when he asked voters in November to use sales tax dollars to create an expanded program.

But months after the idea proved victorious at the polls, members of COPS/Metro have grown increasingly disillusioned with how the city’s job training efforts have played out. They feel city officials have all but ignored their concerns. The group’s leaders are disappointed in the meager number of participants who have obtained training certificates and landed jobs through the emergency program — dubbed Train for Jobs SA....

“It’s too important,” [Sonia] Rodriguez said. “This one is too big to fail.”

[Photo Credit: Kin Man Hui, San Antonio Express News]

'Too Big to Fail': San Antonio's Fledgling Job Training Program Under ScrutinySan Antonio Express-News 

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