COPS/Metro (formerly Communities Organized for Public Service or C.O.P.S. and the Metro Alliance) is a coalition of congregations, schools, and unions coming together so that we can effectively act on behalf of families. COPS/Metro  works within each of these institutions to identify a diverse, broad-based leadership that can connect to each other in new ways in order to act effectively on behalf of children, families, and neighborhoods. By learning to work together for the public good, COPS/Metro leaders are able to work with the business community and elected officials to make San Antonio a better place for families.

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    Pope Francis meets with COPS/Metro

    A delegation of 20 leaders and organizers from the West Southwest IAF, including COPS/Metro Leaders Rose Garcia, of Our Lady of Guadalupe,  Sr. Pearl Cesar, CDP and Lead Organizer Josephine Lopez Paul, met with His Holiness to share our collective work of broad based organizing.

    The Holy Father sat side by side with us in his residence, thanking us for inconveniencing ourselves to come see him.  What ensued was a true dialogue, a 90-minute conversation in Spanish with lots of back and forth engagement.  The encounter was filled with many graced moments about both the joys and the struggles of our organizing work, and the work of the Church, past, present, and future. 

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