COPS/Metro Action and Memorial to the Lost Combine to Send City Powerful Message

[Photo Credit: Today's Catholic Newspaper]

"Along with Texas Impact and Mission Presbytery, COPS/Metro drew almost 500 working-class people from 61 groups all over the city to St. Margaret Mary Catholic Church on the city’s Southeast Side.

In a prelude to events, or what they called an action, at the Alamodome [that] weekend, they invited public officials and business leaders and probed their commitment to solving neighborhood problems, especially those involving public safety."


One resident, a COPS/Metro member and retired police officer, told of four break-ins that occurred during his home renovation. He counted four drive-by shootings during that same period and finding 9 mm shell casings left behind.

They all came with a plan of action because of inaction in both Austin and Washington, where lawmakers have caved to gun manufacturers and their lobbyists, where politicians have become obstacles to public safety."

Ayala: Art Installation of Loss: 2,800 T-shirts Will Portray 5 Years of San Antonio Gun DeathsSan Antonio Express News [pdf]
COPS Action 11 08 23

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