COPS/Metro Calls for Transparency and Accountability as Criticisms of 'SA Ready to Work' Mount


“If the city paid for it, I would hope the answer is yes,” [Sonia] Rodriguez said after Thursday’s council meeting. “Because that’s the point — that people get the skills, get the certificates, get what they need to be able to actually reach a level of economic stability where they can grow on the career ladder. We want to empower the participants to have those choices.”

COPS/Metro rallied voters to approve the program — and has been one of its most vocal critics.

“There’s no problem with moving and adjusting. We just want to make sure that there’s transparency, of course, and then accountability,” said Rena Oden, another COPS/Metro leader.

San Antonio City Council OKs Subsidies for Empyers to Train Their WorkersSan Antonio Express News [pdf]

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