COPS/Metro Leaders Press Candidates of District 3 and 5 for Commitments to Improve Quality of Life of Constituents

On May 2nd, COPS/Metro held an accountability session with candidates form district 3 and 5 along with 120 attendees. During the session, COPS/Metro sought commitments from the candidates to meet with leaders two weeks following the election to address issues surrounding quality of life for the residents of District 3. Specifically, leaders are seeking resolutions to drug houses, speed bumps to deter street racing, abandoned houses, and the failure of contractors to notify residents in advance of work.

For District 5, COPS/Metro sought commitment to include the Cassiano apartments in the first phase of the housing bond passed last year.

All candidates were asked to support a gun box initiative that would educate the public about locking up guns and not leaving them in unattended vehicles.

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