COPS/Metro Confronts Harlandale and South San Antonio School Boards Over Sudden School Closures


"Harlandale trustees have voted to close Columbia Heights, Rayburn, Morrill and Carroll Bell elementary schools at the end of the school year....

Juan Cristan came with a large group of COPS/Metro community organizers who felt the announcement of the proposal to close schools came too close to spring break, making it more difficult for families to learn about the proposal and participate in town halls. He was also one of several speakers that asked the district to come up with a plan to better compete with charter schools.

“What are we going to do to stop the hemorrhaging?” Cristan asked. “What are we going to do to [stop having] the students go to KIPP, to IDEA, to Royal?”

[Photo Credit: Camille Phillips, Texas Public Radio]

Harlandale ISD Trustees Vote to Close Four Elementary SchoolsTexas Public Radio [pdf]
Budget Crunch Pushes Harlandale ISD Board to Order School ClosuresSan Antonio Express News [pdf]
South San Antonio ISD Moves to Close Three Schools in Bid to Avert Financial CrisisSan Antonio Report [pdf]


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