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Welcome, from the COPS / Metro Alliance Immigration Taskforce!



Message to the White House regarding the massive influx of refugees--minors and young families--arriving from Central America and Mexico: 

Dear President Obama,

We have all been deeply moved by the images of the young mothers, children and adolescents now detained under miserable conditions at our southern borders. They are clearly refugees, fleeing the drug wars in homelands now boasting the highest murder rates in the world.  We must honorably meet our international obligations to grant these people safe and humane shelter here. We Americans are all immigrants or descendants of immigrants. This is our national heritage.

We do not take lightly our government’s concerns for national security or the orderly control of immigration affairs. However, the solution does not lie in punishing the victims. Instead, we strongly urge immediate action on the following measures:

1.       Temporary Protected Status, or “TPS” should be granted for persons from Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, and certain regions of Mexico. This will give them a year and a half of legal status. After that the dangers in their countries are reconsidered annually. Once deemed safe, the refugees return to their homes. Meanwhile, the current burden on our courts and Border Patrol facilities is greatly alleviated, and the refugees can work and properly care for themselves.

2.       Religious, human rights and civic groups must be allowed access to the U.S. Border Patrol detention facilities, and to the U.S. Office of Refugee Resettlement shelters for unaccompanied minors.  Allow us to bring the obviously needed humanitarian supplies to the overwhelmed detention centers.  Likewise, as the shelters for unaccompanied minors expand greatly, and utilize hastily trained and inexperienced staff, the likelihood of physical and sexual abuse is greatly heightened. Such abuse has happened before under similar conditions. It must not happen again. We can help. Let us in.

3.       Anyone under the age of eighteen who has survived the perilous trip north must have an attorney to assist with deportation proceedings. To permit the deportation of such unrepresented children is unconscionable.

We must remember too that in many ways, our own past government policies have helped create the untenable conditions now driving the refugees to our gates. We must let them in.


Pray, Fast, and Advocate for Immigration Reform for 40 days from September 9 to October 18 

The Mission Presbytery Immigration Task Force have signed on to this campaign of the Interfaith Immigration Coalition that we hope will transform our own hearts and the heart of our country for immigration reform. We are at a pivotal moment in the movement for immigration reform in our nation. As people of faith, we believe that we must engage our communities in prayerful action in solidarity with those whose lives are directly impacted by our unjust immigration policies, and whose lives can be made better by reform at the national level.


STEP 1: COMMIT Go to   and click on “commit” to sign up as an individual.  Then tell your local church contact or email [email protected]  to get local updates.  All who commit locally will receive an invitation to a “check in” short conference call on September 19 at 12 noon for us to report to each other how the process is going for each of us and to encourage one another. 

STEP 2: DECIDE ON A FAST Fasting, when coupled with prayer, turns our attention away from our own needs and toward God as it calls us into deeper solidarity with our suffering brothers and sisters. Will you fast for a day a week, or one meal a week?  Or simplify enough to remind you of the needs of others? 

STEP 3:  ENGAGE IN DAILY PRAYER Using resources from the website or your own ideas, set a time to pray each day for the immigrants among us and for the creativity, commitment and compassion needed to reform our broken system.  Each week will have a different intention for prayer: Week 1: Promote Family Unity and End Deportations Week 2: Provide a Pathway to Citizenship for All Week 3: Care for Refugees and Asylees Week 4: Ensure Workers’ Rights Week 5: Address the Root Causes of Migration Week 6: Humanize and De-Militarize our Borders 

STEP 4: ADVOCATE Emails from “fastaction” will give us guidance as to how to make our voices heard, or find your own way.  Small and large actions are needed to let our legislators know we care about immigrants who are in our communities. 

STEP 5: COMMUNICATE   Use social media, word of mouth and the written word to tell friends and neighbors stories of immigrants and why you care about reforming the system.

The U. S. House of Representatives has taken up immigration reform, now that the Senate has passed a comprehensive bill. Some Representatives are considering separate bills.  None of these address the “pathway to citizenship.” And, some representatives want no bill at all. House representatives will be home for recess, beginning August 6. At our Interfaith Immigration Assembly on June 2, we said we wanted a bill that would address:

  • Family unity
  • A pathway to citizenship
  • Workers’ rights
  • Due process and reform of detention policies
  • Integration of immigrants into our society
  • Humane enforcement

Let your Representative know.  To contact: 


                                                    Washington DC            San Antonio 

District 20:  Joaquin Castro             202-225-3236             210-348-8216

District 21:   Lamar Smith               202-225-4236             210-821-5024

District 23:   Pete Gallego                202-225-4511             210-927-4592

District 28:   Henry Cuellar              202-225-1640             210-271-2851

District 35:   Lloyd Doggett              202-225-4865             210-704-1080

District lines have changed. If you are not sure who your representative is, go to For more information about immigration and to volunteer, fill out the form below or contact June Kachtik at 210-342-0135 

Online Petition: 

Estimado Miembro del Congreso: Estoy enviando esta carta porque soy uno de los muchos Americanos que cree que la inmigración es buena para nuestro país. Por favor apoye una reforma inmigratoria de sentido común para el bien de nuestro país, de nuestra economía y de nuestros trabajadores, y que a la vez:

  • Mantenga la unión familiar
  • Origine un proceso para inmigrantes indocumentados obtengan un estatus legal y la ciudadanía
  • Proteja los trabajadores y provea entrada legal para futuros inmigrantes
  • Facilite la integriación del inmigrante a la sociedad
  • Restablezca el proceso legal de protección y reforme las políticas de detención
  • Alinee el cumplimiento de las leyes de inmigración con valores humanitarios
  • Respete los derechos humanos de todos

Dear Member of Congress, I am sending this letter because I am among a majority of Americans who believe immigration is good for our country. Please support commonsense immigration reform for the good of our country, our economy & our workers that will:

  • Uphold family unity
  • Create a process for undocumented immigrants to earn their legal status & eventual citizenship
  • Protect workers & provide efficient channels of entry for new migrant workers
  • Facilitate immigrant integration
  • Restore due process protections & reform detention policies
  • Align the enforcement of immigration laws with humanitarian values
  • Respect everyone’s human rights